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Maternity Photography


During some stages of your pregnancy you probably will not feel 100%. You may be a bit tired and uncomfortable with your growing belly. But what everyone around you sees when they look at that sweet bump, is the beautiful miracle of life growing inside of you. Through my lens I want to show you what everyone around you sees, how absolutely stunning and beautiful you are! 

Celebrate your Beautiful Bump!

I totally understand that none of the expectant mothers I photograph are experienced models and that the idea of posing in front of someone you don’t know can be very daunting. Which is why I promise to guide you and direct you all the way! So let’s have fun together and capture some stunning images that celebrate the wonderful changes that your body is going through during this season in your life. 

Nicky Green McClarens Falls-13-photoshop

Maternity sessions are usually booked for between 34 to 37 weeks of pregnancy. However it is up to decide when your belly looks simply beautiful to you in your own eyes. Fathers to be are more than welcome to be part of your photoshoot. If this is not your first child and you would like to have photos with your whole family during this special time, let's talk about tailoring a family portrait package to suit. 

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