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Birth Photography


“My labour was short and so time was definitely of the essence, Rose dropped everything when she got the call and made it to the birthing centre in time to capture some wonderful moments before, during and after the birth of our newest baby girl. Rose was incredible, getting so many shots while seamlessly blending in with everything that was going on at the time. We have some absolutely stunning images not only from the birth but also weigh and measure, first feed, first meeting with her older sister as well as Nana and Grandad who arrived soon after they got the call to say our wee one had arrived safely, they are photos and memories I will always treasure.” 

- Amanda - 

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It is the unfolding moments and the tiny details that make each labour and birth uniquely beautiful. The moments that tell the story of how loved and supported you were, as you rode the wave of each contraction. The moments of stillness in-between. The moment your baby enters this world and takes his or her first breath. All the emotions that burst from you and your partner when the waiting is over and you get to meet your baby for the first time! No matter whether your birth goes exactly as planned, or completely changes on the day, every woman's birth story is beautiful and deserves to be celebrated. 


If you are interested in booking either a Birth Story Photography Package or a First Moments Package, please get in touch and we can catch up for a tea or chai latte to chat about your ideal birth experience, as well as talk through plans for possible different scenarios.

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